Blendix Design


Blendix is a cross-cultural design company that creates contemporary products that are inspired by ancient Chinese craftsmanship. All designs are results of collaboration between European designers and Chinese craft masters.

We work with renowned Western and Chinese designers, Chinese craftsmen and producers. We partner with companies, cultural and educational institutions in China and Europe. We create high-quality products for our customers and guide the process from concept to production.

Latest project: The World of Bamboo

The World of Bamboo

Many Chinese traditional handicrafts are facing disappearance, due to lack of innovation and interest from the young generation. From 15 – 28 May this year, Public Art Coordination Center (PACC), Blendix Design and local government of the bamboo mountain Moganshan have started an inspiring project to help with this problem: a collaboration between Dutch product designers and Chinese bamboo craftmasters, aims at developing new products with innovative designs.







Blendix Design

Lulu Fan and Karin van Paassen founded Blendix Design because of their passion for traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. By bringing tradition and innovation, Chinese and Western culture together, they wish to preserve the tradition through contemporary designs that are inspired by craftsmanship.


Lulu Fan

Lulu Fan, grew up in China and has been living in the Netherlands for more than 16 years. She is multimedia designer and cross-cultural marketeer. Her great-grandfather was the founder of the Chinese craft Ou Su. Because of her background, she strongly desires to bring the Chinese tradition together with Dutch creativity. Recent years, Lulu has been working closely with Dutch designers, Chinese companies and universities. Not only she knows the Chinese culture deep inside, she is also aware of the latest development in China. 



Karin van Paassen

Karin van Paassen, curator and freelancer. She has over 25 years experience of organising exhibitions, lectures, fairs, shows, art trails etc, for cultural institutions, museums, domestically and internationally. She develops concepts and carries out projects in the fields of design, fashion, but is also interested in multi-disciplinary projects. She has also been organising AIDS prevention projects for 13 years in esp. Asia and Africa.


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